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How to Integrate Social Media into Your Concrete Marketing Campaign

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Marketing your concrete business on social media has become one of the strongest relationship-building strategies you can take advantage of. This not only helps build relationships with current customers and prospective concrete customers, but it also helps with your overall branding.

By leveraging social media you gain access to new platforms to showcase your concrete work and attract new interest, and as more people become increasingly active on social media it becomes a valuable tool that can be used to reach a new audience as well as stay connected to your current customer base.

Your social media following will consist of people at different points of your customer lifecycle. You will have leads and prospects, as well as current and past customers, allowing you to remain at the top of their interest level, increasing the chance of them reaching out to you for their next concrete need.

Let’s dive into several concrete marketing strategies that you can use on social media to help drive brand awareness and generate new leads and customers.

Showcase Your Concreate Work on Social Media Using Visual Content

Many concrete companies use the wrong approach on social media, focusing on posting promotional offers and information related to their services, hoping that the right person will come across the post.

It’s very unlikely that will happen using this approach. Instead, it’s better to focus on posting visual content. Imagines can stop a social media user from scrolling in their feed, and drawing their attention to your post, which otherwise would have been passed if it was simply a text-based post.

Think of what would type of images you could capture from the job sites that would provide you with visual content that would command attention if seen on social media. Before and after concrete pours? What about large foundation pours? What about slow-motion video content of concrete being poured? These are all examples of visual content that isn’t directly selling your services but has the potential to draw interest from those who have a need simply by being exposed to your posts.

If you are able to find a creative way to showcase your work that doesn’t appear to be overly promotional it will result in organic engagement and social shares. This can amplify your reach and provide more brand exposure than you could achieve by running paid ads. Creative content is highly rewarded on social media.

Create a LinkedIn Company Profile to Network and Connect

You might not think that LinkedIn would be a good source of concrete leads, but it’s the number one social media platform for businesses. Take the time to set up a LinkedIn company profile and complete it fully.

There are a few reasons why a LinkedIn company profile can help your concrete company attract leads and customers.

  1. LinkedIn has high authority, so your business page will rank high in Google when someone is searching for your company. Potential customers will often search for reviews and information about a business before hiring them. This gives you more top-of-the-page exposure and can help you stand out among other competitors that don’t have a strong online presence.

  2. LinkedIn’s feed is typically informational posts and a lot of text posts, with limited visual content. Using the reasoning mentioned above – focusing on visual content – you can stand out.

The more diverse your concrete social media marketing, the better, as you can put your name out there across multiple different platforms, each consisting of a diverse audience. Being active on LinkedIn can also lead to valuable networking opportunities and connections that pay off down the road in the form of referrals and recommendations.

Use Twitter to Combine Visual Content and Messages That Develop Personal Connections

With Twitter, you can combine visual content with very direct messaging, as you are limited to only 280 characters per tweet. This forces you to be very specific with your message. Posts that highlight your concrete skills, as well as give potential customers a look at the behind-the-scenes operation is a smart strategy.

Posts that include insight on the job, as well as video clips of your trucks pouring concrete or your employees in action, give you content that stands out as informative and unique, rather than overly promotional.

You will build more trust with potential customers if you are providing value and information on Twitter, rather than just tweeting offers and soliciting leads. Provide value and entertaining content and the inbound inquiries will come naturally.

Twitter is also another highly authoritative platform that will rank high on Google when optimized correctly for your business name. Be sure to use your full company name and also try to secure it as your username as well. Include a link to your website and write a description that includes your location as well.

The more authority profiles you create on social media – like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. – the more branding you command on the first page of the search results for queries containing your company name.

Post on Instagram and Use Geo Tagging and Hashtags

While on concrete job sites you can capture images and video and share them directly on Instagram. This is the most visual of all social media platforms, and with a little creativity and consistency, you can attract attention to your business if you combine interesting visuals with the correct tagging and hashtag use.

By using geotagging you can help your content be discovered by those in your area. Furthermore, you can use relevant hashtags to attract Instagram users who are specifically looking for concrete-themed content. Here are some example hashtags and the number of times they have been used:

  • #concrete - 6.4m
  • #concretedesign - 562k
  • #concretelife - 253k
  • #concretedecor - 231k
  • #concreteconstruction - 182k
  • #concretelove - 166k
  • #concretefloors - 141k

With the hashtag approach, you will attract users from all locations, but they will be interested in your content. This will help your content attract likes and comments, and posts with high rates of engagement perform better as Instagram’s algorithm favors early engagement.

Be Active on Facebook to Attract New Leads

Your concrete company should have a Facebook page, and there are several ways to leverage it organically to attract attention to your business:

  • It provides you with another high-ranking profile to help your business command the first page of Google for the results for queries containing your company’s name.
  • You get another platform to post helpful information and interesting visual content.
  • Posts can help you generate concrete service leads if you include a strong call-to-action.

With Facebook being such a popular social media platform, especially as it aligns with the age demographic of concrete customers, you can be sure that those potential customers will seek out your Facebook page, in addition to a Better Business Profile and looking for online reviews on Google and platforms like Yelp.

Having an active Facebook page adds to the initial trust, and when consumers feel confident in a business based on their online reputation, it naturally results in more inbound concrete leads for your business.

Final Thoughts

Marketing your concrete company on social media allows you to leverage popular platforms that the majority of the public are active on, and drive brand awareness as well as build strong relationships. It’s important to use social media as a tool to showcase your skills and services, rather than just post promotional offers.

By focusing on visual content, you will attract more attention to your business, and those who have a need or an interest in your concrete services will be more inclined to reach and turn into an inbound lead because it was indirect marketing – not a special offer being jammed in their face.

If you would like to learn more about our full-service social media marketing for concrete businesses or have specific questions related to what we outlined above, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. Our concrete marketing experts can help your business attract more leads and customers through a variety of online marketing strategies.

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